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Mid-winter banquet dinner


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If you’re wondering how to get through winter, we’ve got an answer – a mid-winter banquet! The days are darker for longer and the weather is colder but we’ll be making the most of it!


– Mulled wine
– Buffet meal (with all the warm goodness!)
– Candlelit tables
– Black ties & formal dresses

The deal is that we have pencilled the room in and started to get the details in motion, but we need to see if people are interested before we lock it all in. The cost is $65 all inclusive, for all the goodness above and the chance to meet a whole lot of young people from around Rotorua.

We have had over 400 people at our events this year, and for this event we are only taking 60 people for the banquet. We need to do pre-sales for this event and we will not be selling tickets on the night. The good news: if the event doesn’t go ahead then we will refund your money in full. 🙂

So if you are interested in coming then don’t miss out. Book it in and tell the people!

~ Young & Local