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Young & Local

Connecting young professionals in Rotorua
in their mid-20s to mid-30s (ish)










Here’s the deal:

Over the last couple of years we’ve kept hearing people say: “there’s no one my age and stage in Rotorua”. But, actually, there are heaps of us!
So we decided it was about time we all got together so everyone could get the chance to meet other cool peeps.

Right. So what’s the crack?

If we meet every week then people would get over it and it wouldn’t be sustainable.

If we meet every month then all it takes is not coming once or twice and you’re suddenly out of the loop.

So we decided we’d meet fortnightly.

Doing what?

Well, hanging out.

This is not Rotorua X, this is not a young Chamber of Commerce, this is not a TED talk-style gathering.

This is a chance for young professionals to get together with a bunch of other awesome people once a month for a drink, and once a month for something a bit different (watch this space)

Read: once a fortnight, but keeping things fresh.

It’s also just a way of making the most of living in such a primo location!

That’s us. Come join.

Let’s make the most of living in Rotorua